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      Sanding machine daily inspection work
      time: 2017-09-30 11:47:28
      Sanding machine is commonly used woodworking equipment, wood production and processing can not be separated from the help of sanding machine, you want to keep the amount of wood on the processing of production, it is necessary to ensure smooth operation of the sanding machine, In the daily use of the process, do the sanding machine inspection work is very important.
      1. reducer for the first three months for a reducer oil, after 2000 hours of work every time oil change, the activities of the machine should be a monthly grease once.
      2. Conveyor belt can not be too tight, otherwise it will make the transmission shaft deformation fracture, reduce the conveyor belt life.
      3. The machine should avoid direct sunlight, otherwise the UV putty will dry on the coating wheel, so that the coating wheel is damaged.
      4. If the coating wheel is damaged faster, please put the putty into a little weak corrosion, if the use of NC nitro paint, please contact me in the company to replace another material coating wheel.