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      Management Skills of Sander Production Line
      time: 2017-09-30 11:43:35
      Sanding machine is a very popular woodworking machinery, a lot of woodworking operations are inseparable from the help of sanding machine, sanding machine production line management needs to master some skills to increase the efficiency and quality of production, while reducing the work of the security risks The
      1, in all the power outlets are identified above the socket voltage, to prevent low-voltage devices are mistakenly connected to high voltage.
      2, all the doors in front of the door and behind to identify the door should be "push" or "pull." Can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the door, but also very convenient for normal access.
      3, the urgent production of the product instructions alone with a different color distinction, you can easily remind the priority on the production line, give priority to test, give priority to the packaging and priority shipping.
      4, all internal high-pressure containers, all should be a solid fixed, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles and so on. There may be less chance of accident.
      5, the production line of new business operations, in the new arm on the logo of the "new job", on the one hand to remind the new person is still a novice, on the other hand, you can make online QC staff in particular "take care" of him.
      6, the factory was out but need to have been closed the door, you can install on the door to "automatically" close the lever, on the one hand can ensure that the door has been in a closed state, on the other hand the door is less chance of damage ( No one will be forced to open the door).
      7, in the finished product, semi-finished products, raw materials before the warehouse, the highest and lowest for each product to make the provisions, and identify the current inventory. You can clearly know the real inventory situation. To prevent the stock is too high, you can also prevent the demand for products but no inventory.
      8, the production line switch button as far as possible not to the aisle, if it is necessary to point to the aisle, it is best to add the cover for protection. This will prevent the aisle from crossing the transport of the wrong collision button, causing unnecessary accidents.
      9, the factory control center in addition to the control center on duty, is not allowed to enter the outsiders. To prevent unrelated personnel from "curiosity" caused by major accidents.
      10, ammeter, voltmeter, pressure gauge, etc. rely on the pointer to indicate the value of the various types of table, with a striking mark to identify the normal work, the pointer should be in the range. This is easier to know when the normal work, the equipment is in the normal.
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