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      Sanding machine which is good? Contrast broadband sander and roller sander
      time: 2017-09-30 11:42:49
      Sanding machine is now commonly used woodworking machinery, compared to various types of sanding machine, broadband sander for a wider range of applications, the advantages are more, today we come to compare the wide sanding machine and roller sander.
      Broad belt sander belt than the roller sander belt is much longer, so easy to cool the belt, and the belt between the abrasive particles is not easy to wear debris, so the wide-band sanding machine grinding The amount of roller can be larger than the sanding machine.
      Broadband sanding machine belt long life, belt replacement more convenient, time-saving. Due to the above advantages, in the plane grinding, wide-band sanding machine to replace the other types of sanding machine. But also to the wider range of wide-band sander.
      Buy sanding machine, to Qingdao Qianchuan Wood Equipment Co., Ltd.