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      Clever use of sanding machine to remove sheet burrs
      time: 2017-09-30 11:50:06
      The burrs of the sheet cause unnecessary trouble on the sheet metal production, and the product will be made to be discounted. Buy sander can be the perfect removal of sheet burrs to increase the quality of the product.
      1, burr on the sheet metal production and product hazards
      The safety of the workers to bring harm, resulting in industrial accidents
      The production of precision caused serious impact, reduce product quality
      Affect the appearance of the product and the use of the effect, a serious result will be due to the glitch on the electrical line cutting caused a major accident
      3, the current practice to deburring
      Artificial use of rasp and burr scraping special knife scraping, the need for skilled technical and professional quality, low efficiency, quality is difficult to guarantee, high labor costs.
      The use of sanding machine to remove the burr of the plate, the effect is significant, and the cost is low, the efficiency of the sanding machine is much higher than the manual removal, the purchase of sanding machine, to Qingdao Qianchuan Wood Equipment Co.,